The Third Trimester

My wife is in the last leg of the pregnancy, so I thought I’d make a clever parallel to our sprint to the finish line on The Alchemist Agenda project. While my wife is uncomfortable, exhausted, edgy, and often sleepless worrying about the arrival of our new baby, I am sweatin’ bullets hoping our movie comes out well… Okay, okay, enough with the bad analogy; she reads this post and I’m toast. Point is, as we head into our last few weeks of production, we are taking all the elements – hundreds of hand drawn frames, sound effects, music and voice tracks – and finally layering them all together to reveal the sum of the parts.

Marty Weiss

All I know for certain is that we’ll end up with a feature length visualization of The Alchemist Agenda (just like my wife knows she’s going to deliver a baby boy), but many aspects won’t be determined until the very end, and I am getting extremely excited, and anxious, to see how the entire thing plays… And if you’re reading this, honey, I’m even more excited to see how our new baby plays, and what he looks like – I hope more like you than me. Now back to the film. It amazes me how many ways a story can be told, especially from the same script. I’ve never seen any interpretation of “Coriolanus,” the last of Shakespeare’s great political tragedies, ever play the same way on a stage. Actually, I’ve never seen, or read, Coriolanus…ever. So that’s a bad example. But in film school we had an exercise where each student would get the same footage to edit into a scene. And of course, everyone came back with a completely different rendition. So that’s a better example. The other thing I’m amazed at is how every creative project I’ve ever worked on never feels complete. I always wish I had more time and money. I’m hoping to get to a place where I know exactly what is needed to tell a story flawlessly before the process begins. But I don’t think I ever will. I’m also hoping I’ll get to a place where I know exactly what is needed to raise our children perfectly, so I don’t make any mistakes. But I’m pretty sure that ain’t gonna happen either. Like my mother used to say, “Children grow up in spite of you.” Or maybe she said, “Children grow up to spite you.” I can’t remember. She definitely didn’t tell me to grow up and make films. More like, “Make films, then grow up.” And now I understand why. It’s just like giving birth.

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