Shameless Promotion

Amazon Studios offered a new contest this month for artists to design posters for a select batch of action films they have in development. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, three of our artists have designed Alchemist Agenda posters and are participating. And since the contest is supposed to find the winners through a fair, democratic process, we’d like to encourage everybody to vote. But we’re only providing links to our artists’ posters. And the reason is because we are not necessarily fair or democratic. We unabashedly prefer our artists to win. But seriously, the links below will take you to the Talenthouse site where you can see lots of cool designs and “like” the posters you dig the most.


Poster by Matthew G. Hill

Alchemist Agenda Poster by Eric Koda

Alchemist Agenda Poster by Darron Price

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Marty Weiss

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Became known for creating comedic and highly visual TV commercials, directing hundreds of national and international campaigns for major Blue Chip brands, before segueing into longer form projects.
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