Putting the Pieces Together…

Lisa Fishman

The layers of visuals and sound are starting to work together, and the movie’s really beginning to come to life. While the hive-lings are working away to complete the artwork, we had actors come into the recording studio to lay down moans, groans, and cheers for the action sequences and background SFX.

Marty Weiss directing Voice over Artists

It was really fun to see our images up on a big screen and hear our temp track through large speakers. We also had Lisa Fishman, a talented recording artist with a spectacular voice, come in to sing her two original songs that we’ll be using for the credit sequence, as well as the love scenes. Several scenes have also been sent over to our composer, Gregor Narholz. He’s been working on some scores that reflect the movie’s tone, style and theme, and will show us what he’s come up with in the next few days.

We only have a few more weeks to go, and still so much to do!

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