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The first few hours of the day were taken to explain the project to our new artist, (name here). We want everyone involved to be immersed in the feel of The Alchemist Agenda, as well as the workflow. And it’s also important that we give them inspiration they can relate to. Artists need good references, and that’s where spare Hive-lings come into play. As we prepare for a fight sequence, (name of someone here) said it best, “It looks like a lot of fun, especially when you get to pretend to break a co-worker’s neck!”

I hope The Hive has sparring insurance.

Alchemist Agenda – Rough Storyboard for Motion Comic

Before any scene is animated, the rough storyboards are edited together for pacing. With a Motion Comic that contains this much dialogue, sound effects and music, we have to be sure that the animation is timed to the rough edit.

Both artists are now producing beautiful work that is separated in preparation for animation. Our animator then prepares files for the process. In a few instances, there are over 40 layers that have to be manipulated at one time. Each layer must be in the correct order or else the artwork will not appear correctly on screen.

It’s great to see our workflow becoming more and more proficient.

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