Finding Our Sea-Legs…

The Hive-lings presented the first two test sequences: one animated, one static. The purpose was to determine the level of movement required and the pacing of the edit.  It also allowed us to talk more concretely about the kind of consistency we can accomplish and how color will be used.

Even though our selective color will be mostly in background elements, the tone and hues we choose effects the mood and emotions of each scene, and we must also be cognizant of the way the colors juxtapose from scene to scene. Art Director Matt Hill came up with a great idea for a sequence that takes place at dusk, where the sky will transition from yellow to orange until the scene ends in a red explosion.

The Alchemist Agenda – A Motion Comic

These early tests also show that we’re still shy in the amount of shots we can produce to make the scenes play well.  Motion Comics typically don’t use traditional cinematic coverage. But since one of our goals is to cut our movie like the live action version, we’re starting to realize that the style of this film is evolving into somewhat of a new form, albeit of a hybrid. Nevertheless, the quantity of artwork will continue to be a challenge. We had budgeted for another artist to come in at some point, and we realize it would be better to do that sooner than later. The artwork is very unique and contains a lot of “cross hatching” line work, rather than solid lines. So it’s important to find another artist who is familiar working this way. And that artist will start tomorrow.

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