English Burritos…?

Motion Comic Artwork – “The Alchemist Agenda”

We are getting ready to animate a fight that takes place in the backseat of a taxicab. Working out animated moves and pulling off the intensity in such a confined space is quite a challenge. This sequence also has a birds’ eye top-shot of a car chase through Prague. The file size of the background element is huge and the shot will take about 7 hours to render – so we are going to set it up before we break for lunch. Hive partner Benjamin Price made burritos. They were unusually crunchy and he served them up with the old excuse, “What do you expect when an Englishman cooks Mexican food?” The Hive-lings are getting thinner by the day.

We are also gathering references for an insanely awesome boat chase through Venice. The Alchemist Agenda takes place in several well-known European destinations and we want to make sure that the landmarks are instantly recognizable; and therefore, the Rialto Bridge and many other icons will be accurately represented. We even plan on creating the boat chase in the exact twist and turns of the great Venice Canal.

Our weekly production meeting confirmed that we are on schedule but will certainly need to continue overlapping many of the tasks that are typically done in a more linear way. For example, we won’t have time for a full editor’s cut before I stick my nose in, and will have to polish scenes out of sequence. Editor Yesenia Higuera and I have already begun discussing music placement and style, some original vocals, as well as a credit sequence.

Everyone is working really hard and we can really see things starting to take shape. Benjamin offered another round of burritos to show his gratitude, but no one accepted the offer.

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