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Motion Comic Storyboards & Breakdown

A lot of work has been accomplished in the last week. The Motion Comic breakdown has been completed, as well as the first draft of rough storyboards. The Hive resident editor, Yesenia Higuera, has put all the sketches into Final Cut to create a rough boardomatic with sound FX. Once completed, the “Hive-lings” took me through a sequence viewing. And with the daunting amount of storyboards, it took nearly 4 hours!

Then the Hive producers counted all shots and determined that we would not be able to complete that much art and still make our schedule. They estimated that we’d need to cut nearly 20% from this first draft. And that’s when I informed them that I not only think we need ALL these shots, I’d like to add at least 20% more.

So our first real challenge has arrived: How can we produce more artwork and still meet our deadline? We want to maintain consistency with Matt Hill’s artwork, so if we add another artist, we’d need someone with a similar style, someone who could complete Matt’s rougher sketches so that we can produce frames faster. Since our animator is starting tomorrow, we decided to see how the workflow goes, assess the completion time for each shot, and then proceed with caution!

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